The Electromagnetic Density Gauge is a non nuclear sensing device that allow field density real time measurement of asphalt.
This techni-cally advanced instrument for quality control allow operators to immediately identify spots with low pavement density and trigger correc-tive actions leading to more uniform pavements.

Density measurements are related to the dielectric property of asphalt in the first 40 mm of depth.
This instrument allow continous reading along the pavement to detect air voids or non uniformity.

The telescoping handle is projected to perform many measure-ments without bending.Tests can be executed also at high tempera-tures, when the pavement is still hot (max 175°C).

The Electromagnetic densimeter allow:
- Pavement tests.
- Real time measurements, in a continous mode.
- LCD visualization of:
• Average density.
• % Maximum density.
• % Air voids.

- No moisture or temperature corrections are needed.
- Non Nuclear device, so maximum safety for operator
- Setting on a referenced test plate only the first time the device is turned on.
- Storing up to 999 measurement data records and RS-232 computer interface.
- Infrared sensor for an accurate measurement of the road surface.
- Rechargeable batteries for 32h continous usage.
- Charging supply for standard 230V/50Hz or 12Vcc.

Dimensions: 229x406x152 mm
Weight: 5 Kg