EN 12697-39 / ASTM 6037 / AASHTO TP53 / NCAT / BS (DD)
The unit provides asphalt content of bituminous paving mixtures accurate to 0.11%, with a fast, accurate, environmentally friendly, and cost effective method of determining asphalt content.
Ignition method reduces testing time when compared to solvent extraction. A 1200-1800 gram sample of asphalt can be tested in 30-45 minutes using this Content Furnace.
Unit can accommodate samples up to 5000 grams!
MATEST Furnace has an internal scale, that automatically monitors the sample weight throughout the ignition process, saving valuable technician time and increasing productivity in the lab.
The ignition method replaces the costly and time consuming sol-vent extraction method by eliminating the primary cost of solvent purchase and the secondary cost of solvent disposal.
MATEST Content Furnace eliminates the exposure of the asphalt technician to harmuful solvents. The automatic door-lock feature prevents opening the chamber door during the critical test time.
This feature provides operator safety and helps ensure testing integrity.
This Content Furnace is the only system on the market containing a high temperature afterburner used in conjunction with a patented ceramic filter to reduce the emissions of the ignition process by up to 95%.
Our System has the capability to accept positive or negative correction factors for use with mixes containing hydrated lime.
This unique furnace automatically detects endpoint within .01% of the sample weight.
Furnace software allows you to choose between automatic and manual test mode.
In the automatic mode, the endpoint is detected; the software ends the test, prints out the results and beeps.
In the manual mode, the endpoint is detected; the unit begins to beep but will continue to test until the user presses “stop” to end it.
Once the “stop” button has been pressed, the door will unlock and the results will be printed.
Furnace software automatically compen-sates for weight change due to sample and basket assembly temperature change.
This compensation is computed for each sample load tested, unlike competitive models that assign a fixed number to a given range of load sizes.
An RS232 port provides data interface with personal computer for graphical data analysis.
The Furnace is supplied complete with 4 basktes, 2 trays, 2 covers, handle, cooling cage, insulated plate, gloves, face shield, 4 rolls of printer tape.
Overall dimensions: 552x654x933 mm
Chamber Dimensions: 355x355x355 mm

Power supply: 230 V 1 F 50 Hz 4800 W 20 A
Temperature range: 200-650°C Weight: 120 Kg